Class DumpHandlesResponse

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    public class DumpHandlesResponse
    extends AbstractResponse
    Response used to send all handles in the database to a replicated site/server. This response is used for server<->server (or replicator<->server) communication.
    • Method Detail

      • getLastProcessedRecordType

        public byte getLastProcessedRecordType()
      • getLastProcessedRecord

        public byte[] getLastProcessedRecord()
      • setLastProcessedRecordType

        public void setLastProcessedRecordType​(byte lastProcessedRecordType)
      • setLastProcessedRecord

        public void setLastProcessedRecord​(byte[] lastProcessedRecord)
      • processStreamedPart

        public void processStreamedPart​(DumpHandlesCallback callback,
                                 throws HandleException
        Process the incoming stream and call the given callback for every handle that is retrieved.